Monday, February 2, 2015

{weekending} :: January 30 - February 2, 2015

Our weekend started early this week with a day off from school on Friday, for a superintendent's day. We baked bread, worked on projects (my shawl is coming along quite nicely), and had a nice time hanging out together in the relative warmth of the house. The husband brought home some sandwiches for dinner, which was a nice treat.

Saturday was for errands. We went to the big weekend farmers market, and to our favorite place for groceries, Healthy Living. We had a lot of fun together, and we were also able to get some new pants for the kids, who seem to have suddenly each grown several inches in the last week! 

Super Bowl Sunday was all about cooking for me. I made some baked apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, and then got to work on some root beer pulled pork in the crock pot. It turned out really well - it shredded itself once it was done, and I added in some homemade barbecue sauce. I was glad that I talked with the butcher a bit - he gave me the great idea to use the root beer! I also made some Buffalo chicken dip and mini soft pretzels. We had fun watching the game - it was so exciting, for once. The commercials this year seemed incredibly depressing, but we enjoyed a couple of them. The kids really loved Katy Perry's halftime show - the boy kept remarking on how happy the people in the beach ball costumes must have been!

This weekend quickly turned from a 3-day affair to a 4-day one, when we woke up this morning to a bunch of snow! SNOW DAY! It's true - I took these pictures of our yard just a few minutes ago. I would say we have accumulated well over a foot since the late evening. It's still coming down, too! On that note, I had better get out and shovel the walk again. At least it's very light!

Monday, January 26, 2015

{weekending} :: January 24 and 25, 2015

This weekend seemed to be over in an instant! On Saturday, we spent most of the day preparing for projects. I was winding yarn to cast on for a new shawl project, and the husband was collecting materials for a bit of construction in our bedroom. The girl had a birthday party in the middle of the day, and she enjoyed getting to spend some time with some of her friends from school. The husband surprised me with a late lunch from the restaurant down the street - a very nice beet and red cabbage salad with apples, walnuts and blue cheese, and a Brie Reuben! Delicious. 

Sunday was all about making. I cast on my shawl and made some pretty good progress. At first I was intimidated by the lacework and the multiple colors, but I think that I have the hang of it! I'm excited to see how it turns out. The boy was a big help with the bedroom project - check out the new lighting! I am loving it. It's a nice little feature in our small room, and I think that it makes it so cozy. 

It was nice to have a mostly relaxing weekend, especially one where we could all focus on our own personal work. The girl really enjoys playing Minecraft lately, and has a lot of fun building worlds and then telling us all about them. It's nice to spend our down time in a way that is productive, but not draining. Today was back to the regular schedule, but I hear that there may be a bit of snow on the way, so who knows if we will have the time for a little more making tomorrow! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Simple Sewing Project ~ Fleece Beanbags

Are you ready for a super satisfying afternoon sewing project? I highly recommend checking out this tutorial from Abby at While She Naps for making some rainbow fleece beanbags.  I dragged my ridiculous stash of fleece upstairs from the basement last week, with the intention of making a plain rainbow of beanbags. Once the kids saw my collection of prints, though, things changed, and suddenly I WAS CUTTING OUT FIFTEEN (one is already missing, because children).

These took no time at all, and the kids have been enjoying them. They have made up games where they try to pile them on their heads and walk down the hallway without having any fall off, or tossing them into baskets (or at each other, because children). Beanbags are just fun to have around, so give them a try!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

This Week in My Kitchen

Capturing my love of whole foods, combined with the activity of a bustling kitchen.
A weekly collection of photos from the center of my home. 
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For more glimpses into the weekly kitchens of other lovely bloggers, follow this link to Heather's blog hop post!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Week In My Kitchen

Joining the lovely Heather this week.

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Capturing my love of whole foods, combined with the activity of a bustling kitchen. 
A weekly collection of photos from the center of my home.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Perfectly Frumpy Sweaters For Two

Last week, I needed to sew. I just *needed* to, you know? I started looking through my Pinterest boards, which is apparently my go-to activity for inspiration (just look at my "crafty" tab - I mention Pinterest frequently). I really want to make some spring clothing this year - I would love to get in the habit of making a few new pieces with each season. I thought it best to start with something for the girl. That's when I found this amazingly clear and simple tutorial from Craftiness Is Not Optional. Wow. I am in love! Not only was this a simple garment, but I didn't need a pesky serger, which I don't have. Hooray!

The girl chose her fabric colors and I got to work. It took me almost two hours, I would say, from drafting of the pattern to finished product (I still need to iron these puppies...ironing is not so much my thing). Once she had one, well. It was seconds until the boy declared that he wanted one, too. "BLUE AND SILVER!!!!!" (Silver is kind of his thing.)

The second time around was much quicker - a little over an hour. I made the body of his the same size, even though there are two years and two sizes between my kids. I shortened the length of the arms, and made the pockets without the pleat. He loves it, and has requested that I add a big button to the front so that he can partially close it at the top. 

I used a delightful 12 ounce cotton knit for these, and I only wish that I had more information about where this beautiful fabric came from. I bought a ton of it from a big group order on a sewing message board about four or five years ago. MESSAGE BOARDS, YOU GUYS. The good old days.

I will likely be making several more of these in more colors and sizes, perhaps with varying pockets and a belt, or even a hood. YES. A HOOD. HOOOOOOOOOODS!!!!!!

Now I'm working on my knitting projects, and I may try to sneak in some smaller sewing here and there. I'm itching to make one of these amazing quilted mug rugs from Amanda at Ms. McPorkchop Quilts. Her quilting skills are pretty amazing, for reals. I love to look through her past projects for motivation. I have a lot of quilting to do this year!

I hope that everyone is having a fine Thursday. We had a snow day today, but the sun has come out for a bit, so even though it's cold, it still feels cheerful inside. Come on, Spring!!!!! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Thinking Spring

Though the temperatures are at a point where they're not *quite* warm, and there will still be the random day with a high in the teens, I can tell that springtime is not far off. The sunlight is changing, and now with daylight savings in effect, I'm looking forward to enjoying more of it. I have felt the itch to MAKE THINGS, which is proof enough for me that a new season is coming. 

I have some beautiful yarn from Quince & Co, which I hope to start winding up today. I have plans for some new knits for the kids for their Easter baskets, and I'm pretty excited. I haven't had a big knitting project in too long, and now to have two? Yes. The boy has been requesting a "silver sweater with yellow buttons", and some lark in frost seems like it will fit the bill. For the girl, a "very very pink" springtime shawl (chickadee in rosa rugosa). 

I sewed myself an extra-big project bag for the occasion - I have been hoarding this Japanese sheep print for years, always knowing I wanted to make something knitting related with it. The interior is some happy melon Kona cotton that was a leftover from a beach bag I made several years ago. I'm loving the contrast of the end-of-winter browns with the hope of brightness hidden inside.

I have the latest issue of Kinfolk to dive into. I have never read this magazine before, but it really is lovely - so well made and designed. I wanted this issue in particular because the theme is Home, which is something that I have been striving to focus on lately. Living more simply and with less...just LESS. 

I also sewed up a little something for the girl, which I will share later in the week as I now have another to make for a certain boy who has decided that he would like one, too. She chose her own colors for this creation, maybe inspired by an envelope of wildflower seeds that has been sitting on my desk, just waiting for the ground to thaw? 

Have you been feeling the change in seasons where you are?